Thursday, April 07, 2005

me again

jaysus! Ok, I just ran into the same problem as what made me rip it out earlier. Ok, the first row. It states, K2, *P2, K4 repeat from * to last K4 stitches, P2 K2.I'm knitting the size 4, so I have 162 stitches cast on. I have checked & double-checked, and I did indeed K2 then P2 K4 until the last six stitches. I'm a little confused about what until the last K4 stitches means-- does she just mean last 4 stitches??

Also, tell me that it just LOOKS huge because it's stretched over the long circs!!


At 8:13 AM, Blogger shetha said...

YES it should say 4 stitches instead of K4 stitches -- I'm sorry! I should've said something but I thought everyone knew. Libby said the text editor replaced all the numbers with K# and they didn't catch all of them, so it reads K4 instead of 4. This happens several times in the pattern directions for the bodice. To be specific, rounds 1,2,6,7 should all read "last 4 sts" instead of "last K4 sts". AND *yes* it looks big but the cable-y pattern definitely pulls in quite a bit. In stockinette 164 sts should be about 32" around according to gauge, but it ends up being more like 24" around with the pattern. Good luck and e-mail me any time if you're panicking! I am just uploading pics of my finished one...

At 9:59 AM, Blogger strangelittlemama said...

Ok, thanks. I messed up AGAIN-- I never have this many issues with a pattern, so I must be distracted or something.I'm thinking about doing the bodice on a shorter needle so the width doesn't freak me out so much, too.


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