Friday, April 08, 2005

Quick thread-the-bead tutorial

I will post a quick run-down since someone might need it (soon!).

Regular sewing needle
Sewing thread - strong thread is good -- cotton or silk if you have it.
Your beads
Your yarn

1) Cut 15-20" of thread
2) thread the needle with your 15-20" of thread and then tie a knot with the two ends of the thread. This creates a loop with the sewing needle on it.
3) "hook" your yarn through the thread loop.
4) While holding the doubled yarn, drop a bead onto the sewing needle and then pull it down onto the doubled yarn.
5) Add your beads several at a time, pushing them down onto the yarn as you go. Note: Always leave one on the doubled section of yarn to keep it from slipping off the thread loop.

And there you have it! I suggest revamping the calculation of the # of beads needed -- I think the pattern way underestimates it. For instance, the 2 yr size says 113 needles but as I look closer, it seems like I'll need about 225 or so. I guess maybe the pattern intends only one side to be beaded (ie the front?) but it doesn't indicate such a thing. I guess what I'm saying is probably double the # of beads listed in the pattern... better too many than too few.

Good luck!


At 3:01 PM, Blogger artemis9976 said...

thank you so much! :)

At 12:05 PM, Blogger Cathi said...

I haven't double checked the bead number, but I know you don't need many at all, since you're only adding them on the slwyif stitch. I made the 2 year size and it didn't take many at all, and there is beading all the way around.

At 2:36 PM, Blogger shetha said...

Well it may not use many but I've run out and had to cut my yarn in order to bead more. Maybe it's my gauge, but I have to work about 1 repeat of the 5-8 rows to get 1/2" in length, so I'll need to repeat it at least 8 times, plus the time for the 1-4 round, that make a total of 9 slwyif rows... and at 25 beads per row that adds up to 225 beads. The pattern said approx 113 beads. I am sad I'll have two more ends to weave in but it really depends on gauge, I guess.

At 5:59 PM, Blogger artemis9976 said...

I am making the 6 months size, and I used 140 beads instead of the 70 the pattern calls for so I assume the original only called for beads on the front but the pattern never specifies

I'm quite fond of the beading all the way around though


At 2:28 PM, Blogger KD said...

I wish I would have read this carefully before I started knitting. I didn't think to string the beads first. DUHHH. But I did end up buying this special little wire needle thingy for $.30 at the bead store that makes stringing the beads really easy. I did take your advice and buy double the # of beads though...thank you!


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