Thursday, April 21, 2005

forming a plan of attack

ok, so i have read the pattern about 75 times, now, and i am NEARLY ready to go yarn shopping. this is my first knit-along, and i am still something of a newbie, so expect many questions and a ton of screaming from me. :)

i think i am going to copy what wendy did and make a top rather than a dress. and wendy, if i am looking at girlfriend's top correctly, you did a plain cast-on rather than the picot one, yes? i think that plainer top is what i will do as well--seems like less frilly is maybe better for something to wear with jeans. (and of course, i am terrified of the picot cast-on, too, but we won't talk about that...)

so that leaves me with needing to learn to use a cable needle, beading, and crocheting. whoo hoo! totally excited to get started, although realistically, i may not get anywhere till this weekend. trying to show a modicum of self dicipline and finish up a baby blanket before i start this one, but i am not very patient, so we'll see.

thanks for letting me join up kind of late, carole!


At 1:09 PM, Blogger Wendy said...

Yup, you're right, Jackie. No picot cast on for this one. I thought it was a bit frilly for the yarn I chose, and the fact that it was to be a bit more casual. Good luck!


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