Thursday, May 26, 2005

one more photo

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Thought I needed to post a close up too....I love the way the beads look. I chose a matching ribbon for the belt and straps.


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Look, I finished Crumpet! It turned out so cute! It is in the mail to a sweet 2 year old in Indiana. Hopefully, her mom will send me a picture of her in it soon. Thanks to everyone's advice in getting me through the pattern. Maybe one day I will make another...if I am lucky enough to have a girl of my own.

Sunday, May 22, 2005


Well, I joined this KAL a while ago and haven't posted because I've been too lazy to take pictures! I am making the six-month size for a friend's newborn - she was premature so she won't be wearing it for a while. I'm using the Cotton-Ease in lilac - very pretty! I'm not thrilled with the yarn - there were three knots in the first skein, so I have more ends to weave in than I should. I can see where it would be a bit heavy in a larger size. I'd like to try this pattern in Knitpicks' new cotton blend called Shine.

Also, using 36" needles was completely impossible - I wonder if that is a typo? The bodice for the 6 month size is 17" around - I started the dress on 16" circulars and changed to a 32" at the increase row. I'd rather cram a bunch of stitches onto a smaller needle than have them stretched out on a larger one. This would have been a perfect project for my new Denise interchangeable needles, but I got gauge on 3s and the Denise needles only go down to 5. I'm using Addi Turbos, which are great with cotton yarn.

Here's a picture from a few days ago - I'm about halfway through the skirt now. You can see that my top edge is curling a lot - how have people solved this? Blocking?

Friday, May 20, 2005

slooooowly but surely

I'm certainly not making fast progress on this dress, but it's coming along. I'm about six inches into the skirt. I'm making the size 4, and it is starting to feel really heavy! I'm using the recommended Cotton-Ease-- has anyone else noticed that is starts to feel heavy?
How's everyone else doing?

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

knit the beads

I have my yarn and beads.I would like to know the best why to knit the beads.I have the TLC cotton yarn.