Friday, July 29, 2005

Edging help needed!

I am trying to finish my crumpets and am working on the bottom edging. The directions say to chain seven and slip stitch to the front and back of the sixth stitch. I understand the chain seven part but the after that I am lost! Can anyone help???? I so want to get her done!!! :)

Friday, July 15, 2005

Hi Everyone!

Although it is a bit late in the game I am jazzed to be a part of this KAL! I have been working on my Crumpets for a few weeks now (not awfully consistently) and here is my progress thus far.

The picot cast on was terrible and took me forever and then I messed up the pattern once and had to frog about three inches back to the beginning - but I finally made it through the bodice and I am looking forward to finishing the skirt. I was trying to make the one year size but it seems to be turning out the size of the two year so we will be sticking with that!

I have enjoyed seeing everyone's pictures and reading about your progress on the project - so those of you who are still knitting keep updating!

Thursday, July 14, 2005


A couple of people have asked me to post directions to make the edging I used on my dress. here goes!

First let me note that the pattern is meant for a (multiple of 6 plus 3) but that I just fudged it, as I always do. I find crochet very forgiving in that way. If you do not have the right number of cast off stitches on the bottom, you can figure it out as you get to the end of the row and just decrease or increase as needed. I believe the size 2 works out just right anyhow, and yours probably will too.

Multiple of 6 plus 3

row 1: (with RS of dress facing you) attach new yarn if needed and hdc in each bound off stitch as if it were a chain (under both loops).

row 2: 3ch (counts as 1 dc), skip 1st hdc, 1dc into next hdc. * 1ch, skip 1 hdc, 1dc into each of next 2 hdc; repeat from *

row 3: 5ch (counts as 1dc, 2ch), 1sc into next chain-space, * 4ch, 1sc into next chain-space; repeat from * to last 2 stitches, 2ch, 1dc into 3rd of 3ch at beginning of previous row

row 4: 1ch, 1sc into first dc, *work 5dc into next 4ch-space, 1 sc into next 4ch-space; repeat from * to end, placing last sc into 3rd of 5ch at beginning of previous row. fasten off.

When you block the dress, it will lie flat with this edging.

Monday, July 11, 2005


A big thank you to Jackie for taking on admin duties for the KAL. I'll keep up as best as I can over the coming couple months of craziness!

Friday, July 08, 2005

FINALLY making headway

i was so excited to get going on this, and then one thing after another happened, and i kept getting delayed. but now, finally, i am cooking with gas, and i LOVE it! i am using a hand spun yarn, which is a nightmare, as i keep hitting knots in the yarn where i have to stop, cut the yarn, and restring all those beads over and over again--YUCK. but i think it's coming out pretty well, in spite of a few technical difficulties. i have about an inch more knitted than what you see here. sorry the picture isn't better--i took it with my phone.

as you see, i am getting a little help from my friend here. with fergus's assistance, i am hoping to get through most of this top over the weekend. :) the truth is, fergus is a great cat who mostly just sits on my lap when i am knitting, but he is a major needle thief! what kind of cat is not interested in yarn but wants the needles instead? the mind boggles.

more and better pictures to come, i promise!

Thursday, July 07, 2005

admin help!

Hi there everyone! I am the midst of a major move and will have sketchy internet access for the next couple months-- is anyone willing to take over the administrative duties of the site? At this point, it really just means sending invitations to those requesting to join and changing the HTML to add new members as they arrive.
Please let me know if you are interested!